This is not how I imagined, more so intended to write about one of the most beautiful places I have been to. In the dawn of the horrendous tragedy that struck this magnificent city over the weekend, more than the overwhelming amount of mixed reactions that it has drawn people to display; it has personally tugged at my heartstrings. This city has indeed always been a dream of mine to visit. You know growing up, you get asked a time or two, “If there’s one place or part of the world you’d like to see, where would it be?” Well, for as long as I could remember, “Paris” was mine. I saved up to finally take this “dream trip” and gifted myself with this on my birthday last year.

Paris was all I imagined and more. It was truly picturesque in every sense of the word. Every nook and cranny felt like a real life painting. There was something truly special and spectacular to be in the presence of its surroundings.

In this day and age, an attack like such would draw a magnitude of opinions from your predictable social media friend and all their mothers. It irks me how people find it quite difficult to just let people be. There will always be an abundance of naysayers ready to counter anybody who tries to- as they say and see it, “jump in on the bandwagon”. Meanwhile, you have those who proclaim animosity because another tragedy in their neighboring country is “supposed” to get the same amount of grief and attention.

There will always be those who do that. There will also be the oblivious. But why try to prove an uninvited righteous emotional attack at the expense of just having something to say, something to argue about? This is a whole can of worms I’m opening, yes. But I just wish the same people would, at the very least give some due courtesy to the heavy hearted.

To the lives lost and the people they’ve left behind, I am one in praying for you and your beautiful city’s healing. I will never forget how happy it has made me to fulfill a dream of seeing your city. I hope to one day go back and feel the magic all over again.




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