Birthday Getaway.

It’s been so long since my last post and I feel like so much has happened since then. Before anything, I decided to give the blog a much needed makeover. I am thrilled with the outcome (although it still needs constant tweaking); all thanks to PIPDIG for creating this lovely template. To recap, I went on a Eurotrip with my husband back in October (which I will blog about soon.) When the holidays came, I was all over the place. But at this same time, I was starting to feel like I was taking binge eating to a whole other level. I began to feel self conscious about putting on extra weight, but I snacked and ate excessively anyway. By January, I weighed my heaviest. Ever. This kind of brought me to randomly take a two month hiatus from Facebook earlier this year. I was constantly conflicted and became unusually sensitive. I’m not big on resolutions but I felt the strong need to pause, reevaluate, and establish a few changes in my life that were ultimately to improve my emotional and physical well being. I can be quite hard on myself and although it takes some pushing, I know that I usually get something done when I really put my mind to it. It helped a lot knowing I have peers and my husband following the same journey.

Fast forward to today, and here I am more grateful at 33, weighing a little lighter, paying closer attention to my health and weight, and cultivating my relationships with God and the people in my life. I can truly say that I have never been happier. I feel like I have to write about this because these are times that are worth turning back to. I used to think that being in the 30s was old, but I now know that this is the best decade yet. Cheers to another year of life and love!

 Took this baby out for a spin on my birthday dinner. Will blog about this long time dream piece soon. 

We had a seafood feast for my birthday dinner at The Oceanaire Seafood Room. I enjoyed a hefty serving of their delicious Filet Mignon and Steamed Lobster while my husband got his hands on a ginormous Alaskan King Crab (his first!). A little pricey but the service and food were outstanding. Naturally, we went to get some Georgetown Cupcakes for dessert to go. We (fur babies included) tagged along with the Mister for a mini family vaca while he attends work training. We get to stay for a few days and I finally squeezed in some r&r and blog time. Yay!




  1. Ruth
    May 11, 2017 / 5:05 pm

    Kar, you have the world & a wonderful life ahead of you. When you set your mind about something, you go & achieve it! You will continue to do good things with that determination & a strong head on your shoulders. But your caring heart makes you beautiful ❤️

  2. mskarau
    May 11, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    Thanks, Ma! It means a lot.

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